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during the booking process may ask for personal information such as your name, home address, telephone number or e-mail address. this information is used to process your booking and to contact if we have any questions regarding your request and to also send you an electronic confirmation in the form of a voucher. if you are already a member we associate collected information with membership information stored in our customer database in order to speed up the booking process and to apply any applicable discounts.

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part time.remote jobs near me

we use personal information provided via this website to administer and manage our car rental business efficiently. as is an international company managing a network of affiliated car rental companies and partners located both inside and outside europe, we may share with these companies information which specifically relates to your order and is necessary for completing the rental process. this information may include your name and/or telephone number and is used solely for the purpose of providing you the rental vehicle at your destination. we do not share information collected via this website with any parties outside the network or for any other advertising purposes without your permission.

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we never make your e-mail address available to any other company or organization outside the network.

if you supply us with your postal address, you may receive periodic mailings of news from if you do not wish to receive such mailings, please let us know by calling or writing to us.

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part time.remote jobs near me

we collect your ip address when you visit our site. this only identifies your country of origin and does not contain any information about you as an individual. we use this information to help us understand more about where our site traffic originates.

part time.remote jobs near me

when you visit our website we collect information using cookies. cookies are a small file that a website server stores on your computer. cookies enable our website to recognise your computer and to remember your entries (such as dates, cities, etc) as you move from page to page, or when you visit the site at a later date using the same computer.

we do not use personal information identifying cookies and we do not use cookies for advertising or other site visitor behavior- tracking purposes. furthermore, the type of cookies we use on our website are not "persistent", that is they are automatically deleted from your browser. if you use software that disables cookies in your browser, you may still enjoy the full functionality of our website, however, you will need to re-enter some data when you start a new session or return to a previous page.

part time.remote jobs near me

for their protection, we ask that children do not submit information to us without the consent of a parent or guardian.

part time.remote jobs near me

we use global as our ssl (secure socket layer) digital certificate provider, providing our customers the strongest certificate services available. your credit card information is encrypted while traveling the internet.

if you have any questions or concerns regarding>contact us.

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part time.remote jobs near me

  • unlimited mileage!
  • fire>local and part time remote jobs night shift)
  • all taxes (local, airport and vat)
  • free asc (airport service charge)
  • 1 additional driver
  • 1 child/baby seat (on request)
  • road map

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